Social Networking is an activity where individuals gather to socially share personal or business information. In addition, they can also exchange views and ideas concerning music, arts, and entertainment. Social Networking is also a venue for writers, actors, and even businesspersons and entrepreneurs, to share or contribute techniques and secrets to one another. This offers people the opportunity to interact through personal and online contacts among a group of people, an organization, a party, or an occasion. However, the most common Social Networking practice nowadays is the platform of online services, which are found in the internet. Such sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Multiply, and Skype, are a few of the websites that provide personal, professional, and entrepreneurial Social Networking services.

How to be part of it?

To be a member of a Social Networking site, it requires interested individuals to sign up in the actual sites, and provide personal information such as their birthdays, business or occupation, education, and personal hobbies and interests. Participation in forums and activities is also a way to be a part of a Social Networking site.

The Benefits of a User:

Posting status is also a way of letting people know the most recent activity of a Social Networking user. Another service of a Social Networking site is the option to chat online with other users. This is known as instant messaging where multiple users can discuss or talk simultaneously in a forum. Groups in this Social Networking structure are individuals who share a common belief. They can be social groups, civic groups, families, clans, former classmates, business groups sharing the same interest, or any organization promoting a common cause.

These websites also provide discussion boards for the groups. The primary focus of the discussion boards in these Social Networking websites is to create interaction among groups. This medium also allows users to post pictures, video clips, and other tidbits as added information for the groups’ perusal. Blogging is an additional feature of a Social Networking site to provide a user the means to feature their own opinions, experiences, interests, or just simply informing the other users of what is new and current.

The Difference between Personal and Web-based Networking:

With personal Social Networking, meetings, parties, civic works, or family gatherings, restricts the interaction of a person based on their personal limitations in virtual connections; thus, restraining the Social Networking of a person in trying to connect,  reconnect, and locate the whereabouts of old school buddies, long lost relatives, associates, and friends.

With the web-based Social Networking sites, these websites can be utilized to reach and connect with the same group of people, through the speed and the ease of the internet. There are countless benefits and advantages just by being a member or a user of these Social Networking sites. These Social Networking sites can effectively aid anyone in their search for friends, associates, family members, and other personal matters.

Sharing information, presentations, to promote businesses, events, activities, products, crafts, and any other interests a person may find necessary to post, are also the positive reasons in using these Social Networking websites. Best of all, anyone who needs to connect with someone promptly, all the individual needs to do is to login to their account, send that person a private note or post the message so that other members and users can assist or notify the person concerned. This is the variation to the common practice in personal Social Networking of using the phone, or asking people, as this method would surely consume more time and effort.

The Social Ethics:

The most important thing in using these Social Networking sites is to always respect the rights and opinions of the other Social Networking users, be responsible, and also avoid the use of offensive languages and photographs. Be ethical and follow the rules of these Social Networking sites at all times.


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