Have you ever struggled to set goals?  Did you ever wonder what the secret to setting goals is?  Often, it’s difficult to articulate what we want and without being able to do that, we often fail to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you keep reading below, I will outline the key criteria and reveal the secret to setting goals.  Once you have followed these guidelines, setting the goals you want in your life, career and relationships will be a snap.

The secret to setting goals has 3 key components:

  • The first element is that the goal needs to have some risk.  Select a goal that will require you to make an external commitment and not reaching that goal will have an impact outside of yourself.
  • The second key is that there is a tangible way of measuring the goal.
  • The third key is that you set some form of limitation on that goal.  In other words, you set a defined time limit wherein you will achieve that goal.

If you apply these 3 parts, you will have unlocked the power of the secret to setting goals.

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