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Secret to Setting Goals

Have you ever struggled to set goals?  Did you ever wonder what the secret to setting goals is?  Often, it’s difficult to articulate what we want and without being able to do that, we often fail to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

If you keep reading below, I will outline the key criteria and reveal the secret to setting goals.  Once you have followed these guidelines, setting the goals you want in your life, career and relationships will be a snap.

The secret to setting goals has 3 key components:

  • The first element is that the goal needs to have some risk.  Select a goal that will require you to make an external commitment and not reaching that goal will have an impact outside of yourself.
  • The second key is that there is a tangible way of measuring the goal.
  • The third key is that you set some form of limitation on that goal.  In other words, you set a defined time limit wherein you will achieve that goal.

If you apply these 3 parts, you will have unlocked the power of the secret to setting goals.

If you would like more information, please enter your name and email address and I will send you the Secret to maintaining your goals after you have set them.


Holiday Lights: Time To Step Into The Cold

An excellent time and opportunity to take pictures of your family, friends and neighborhoods, are these holiday seasons! Do not be discouraged by cold weather and short daylight hours. Modern digital cameras, even some of the cheapest ones, can handle the low lights extremely well. So it is time to step out into the cold and record the moods, the gaiety, the candles and the decorative lights strung up by malls, streets, cities and so many others.

The first rule to take any pictures with lights facing the lens is to turn off the camera flash. A flash robs the scene of its natural colors. When taking pictures of holiday decorations of colorful store displays or a well decorated neighbors’ house, you should select a slow shutter speed. It is preferable to use a tripod or solid, stable base for your camera when using slow shutter speed; otherwise, you will get a blur with even the steadiest of hands. Use ISO400 or 800. Do not use automatic white balance, as that can drain color from the scene. Follow and experiment with color balance presets recommended in your camera’s instruction manual. Check your LCD panel, make adjustments and shoot.

Now suppose you want to capture bright lights and a friend in the foreground. Flash will capture your friend, but will minimize the bright lights behind. If you don’t use the flash, you will get very good details of the holiday lights, but your friend will be just a silhouette. To overcome this, many of the modern point-and-shoot cameras have a setting with a funny looking icon which is sort of hieroglyph indicating night picture with a person in front of lights. This setting allows the camera flash to fire first, thus capturing your friend, and the lens stays long enough to capture the light in the background. Make sure your camera is mounted or placed steadily; otherwise the long exposure will ruin the picture.

Twilight is one of the best times to shoot outdoors for some spectacular scenes. Some colors in the sky in the background bring so much appeal when compared to a pitch-black tone of late nights of winter.

One of the most common mistakes, when shooting portraits, people, holiday decoration and lights, is to shoot from a distance. If you zoom in to the subject, it affects shutter speed. Just move closer instead.

Want to shoot holiday lights inside? Turn on just enough lights in the room and the next room to increase the ambient light, instead of turning on the flash which can produce a harsh and high-contrast effect that obliterates the brilliance of light. To raise the ambient light without overpowering the holiday lights, carefully position some incandescent lights.

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When out in the cold, taking pictures keep your camera in the pocket or bag until ready to shoot. A few flakes of gentle snow are not going to adversely affect the camera. Framed pictures make a delightful holiday gifts, and there is someone in your list, a small kid maybe, who would is wishing to receive a camera as a present. Some of them are so inexpensive…what a value for a lifetime of memories!

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Best news about creating effective strategies for social network marketing and utilizing them is they are free!

The best way to start is with article marketing. Writing articles is a terrific way to expose your products and services to internet users within online communities. You can use Google to find a number of article directories and submit to as many suitable directories as you can find. Avoid submitting identical content to number of directories and also ensure your articles are unique and will pass the muster of Copyscape website.

Blogging is another tool to educate internet users of your products and services and other business needs. You can do this by creating different blogs for networking marketing tips and for your business.

A personal blog is a wonderful way to create a personal brand, which in turn, makes it easier to market your products and services. People buy from people they like and trust. Makes sure your personal blog contains absorbing information and some captivating tidbits. This makes you stand out from the crowd..

Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are superb social networking websites to utilize to generate network marketing demands. They have a plethora of features and tools for anyone to leverage substantial benefits for marketing products and services. Do not add too many friends in a remarkably short time on these sites as your account may be disabled or may even be banned altogether for misuse and infringement of their rules, regulation and policy. It is a good idea to read through them carefully before you start utilizing them extensively.

Video marketing is another tool to promote your products and services in social media arena. With millions of visitors every day, YouTube is 3rd most visited website and the 2nd most popular search engine on the planet. Create a short video of your product and service and post them there with suitable tags. There are several other video sharing websites on you which you can post some of your unique videos.

There are many networks focused forums which you can be part. These forums are a great way to bounce your ideas, or to get ideas from other members for content to your web pages and for allowing visitors to click on your business links.

Express and present your talents in social media sites as much as possible. Some internet users enjoy talking or watching videos. And then some enjoy writing and reading. So see what your network marketing audience wants and what is your strength and build your strategies accordingly.

You will see from foregoing strategies that they cost you nothing, just some of your time and thinking what to write. Of course, persistence and focus are the most essential ingredient of successful network marketing.


There is a big buzz around about making big bucks on the Internet. Economy the way it is, making money online within the comfort of your home has become an extremely luring proposition to many. You always dream of success you can have. You dream of spending time with the kids. Think of the commute you do not have to take.

Many have tried to follow this dream, but very few have succeeded. Are you one of those who made it? If not, are you still determined to pursue your dreams? Or, are you planning to start now, but have no clues as to where to start, or what works and what does not. Let me give you some tips which will help you along the road to success and make that journey to success shorter.

First of all, identify your niche, something you have a little bit of knowledge on and keep the focus on it. Do not get attracted to too many propositions that you get in your email box. Try to target just one area first and then check out your existing competitors first. Do a little bit of research and judge if they are successful. A little of research and planning goes a long way in saving you time, money and aggravation down the road. One of the easiest entry point is in Affiliate Marketing, where many have succeeded. AdSense and CPA network are other areas you can explore. AdSense lets you leverage Google’s advertising muscles to your site and, CPA (Cost per Action) Network is another area which has not been fully exploited so far. However, Affiliate marketing is a terrific entry level area for the novice or for those who not succeeded in Internet marketing otherwise.

Affiliate Marketing is simple in that you create or purchase websites to promote other peoples products and collect commissions when a sale is completed, or when a potential client is referred to the vendor. Most of the sale is routed through ClickBank or similar organizations, so your commission is guaranteed and credited to you account as soon as the sale is completed. There is no hassle of setting up merchant account or keeping track of leads etc. Everything is processed automatically. There is almost no investment required to enter Affiliate marketing. I would say this is the easiest entry point for newcomers.

To take it to the next step, get a suitable home course for Internet marketing and devote some time learning the nuances and tricks of the business. Remember, there is no free lunch to riches. You do need to educate yourself to accelerate your growth. No point in reinventing the wheels and wasting your valuable time. There is a plethora of information available online but sorting through the jungle for successful strategies is trying to find a needle in the haystack. It is best to find and follow a system that works. Focus and knowledge are key ingredients in every success and Internet marketing is no exception.

There is massive money to be made in this ocean called Internet marketing. There are many systems that work and many that will only consume your valuable time and money. If you do not have either and want to start right away, you have come to the right place.  Start reaching out to your dream right now.