Everyone wants to boost traffic to their website. It is a bit of a challenge to get more people to visit your website. However, there are strategies to have more people visiting your site. There are quite a few creative and unique ideas that are highly effective.
1. Flickr. This social photo sharing drives people to your website. Always include smart tags to the photos (use Fotobounce ). Once photos are tagged, they draw the members on the site. When you write a post to your blog, add in link to the Flickr site. You will have two sites that work in harmony to attract traffic to your site.
2. Search and join social bookmarking sites and share your personal preferred sites with other people with comparable interests. Post your website there. They are more or less search engines for particular purposes used by many people. When you add the bookmarks to your site, it drives more traffic to our website. Add hyperlinks to information and products that your subscriber is searching for. Your following will keep on escalating as your increase linking engaging articles.
3. Make blogging a pattern. Seek out for sites of consequence to you and make sure to leave your comments pertinent to the topic. Always include your URL to the postings. You are commenting on your posts, so stay focused on the topic being discussed. You do not want our posting to be trashed as spam. Write as a experienced and an authoritative person.
4. Another way to promote your site is to use forum signature with a live link. Write topics with appropriate and useful information and link them back to your sites. You should make readers go back to your sites and blogs repeatedly, to get information that is useful and of use to them.
5. Always add themes, widgets and extension to your site. There are several free additions to make your site hugely appealing. Readers like attractive sites, not typical, dull ones they come across every day. You site should be exciting, user friendly and intuitive. They want to experience and discover new things, so give it to them on your site.
6. Leverage network of your friends to proliferate the word about your websites and blogs. They can use their personal websites, contacts and blogs to escalate your website traffic.
7. Network with and contact industry specific sites and ask for links to your website. Many such sites are willing to cooperate with you to promote specific industries or causes.
8. Add interesting and interesting audio, video and photos to extend your exposure. Adding podcasts to your site is an excellent idea.
9. Always submit your feeds to related directories. This will drive traffic to your site from other sites.

Last but not the least:
10. Always suggest your articles to article directories. Use the resource box to drive traffic to your blogs and site and establish strong backlinks for search engines to rank your sites higher.
Keep in mind when you embark upon traffic building, it is all about offering what readers want, not quite about traffic building. You serve a valuable purpose to your audience when you reach out to them with useful and exciting information.



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